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Give a unique experience to your attendees

In conferences and debates, waiting for the wireless microphone in order to ask questions can be quite disruptive or even so slow that it ruins the flow of interactions.

Keybate app solves this problem by turning smartphones of every conference’s attendees into high-quality wireless microphones connected to conference room's AV system.

The mobile app also allows attendees to send text questions, answer live polls, and interact with other attendees, either directly or through social networks.

Keybate will be the essential companion for every conference attendee.


Allow every attendee to request the floor. Once they receive the floor, they will instantaneously be able to speak through their mobile device’s microphone to the room’s audio system.

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Many participants are reluctant to speak publicly. They are now able to send written questions and comments to the chairperson.

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Participants can now identify other attendees and connect them through LinkedIn and other professional social networks.

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A few clicks allow you to initiate a poll and invite all attendees to express their vote.

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Set-up a Keybate room at a moment's notice

Create a Keybate room, step by step

1 Go to

Note that only Google Chrome will allow microphone feature.

2 Sign in with your LinkedIn or Facebook account

Or use , password : trymenow

3 Hit "Create Room" button

And choose wisely your event name that all attendees will see.

4 Your Keybate Room is up and ready, congrats !

Make sure your speakers are connected to your computer in order to give the floor to your attendees (Only with iOS for now).

5 Spread the word to your attendees

Hand out to attendees the 4-digit Code Room for them to connect.
Attendees will have to download the free Keybate app on their smartphone or surf to to access the Keybate rooms.
Keybate on the Appstore   Keybate on the WebApp

If you just want to give a try, use "demo" as code room.

Emilie Vincotte, responsable

Emilie Vinçotte

" We wish to add an element of innovation to all our conferences. Keybate has allowed us to invigorate our attendees participation regardless of age. "