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Last updated: December 8th, 2017

Why Keybate?

Whether it be conferences, meetings, or trade shows, participation is key to the professional development of company employees, scientists, businessmen, and other professionals. These events are opportunities to interact and network with other professionals. With that said, QaA sessions are largely considered inefficient by the majority of professionals, who regularly complain about the difficulties of having the floor, the slow pace of wireless microphones traveling back and forth across the conference room, the fear to express themselves in public, and the absence of information on the people asking questions.

Using an event app like Keybate provide great benefits both for your participants and for yourself.
Here is some key points that should interest you for your coming events.

Before the event

  • Attendees have access to all useful information about the event (how to get there, carsharing, agenda, etc.)
  • Attendees can send their questions and thematic they want to talk about in order to prepare speakers.
  • Attendees can initiate networking and meetings with other attendees before the event.

During the event

  • All event information (agenda, notifications, …) can be updated in real-time.
  • Attendees can download speakers’ presentations and read speakers’ biographies and contact information
  • Attendees can easily ask their questions and comments by text messages all along the debate
    • Allow juniors to dare ask their question in front of seniors people
    • Shy people are less afraid to ask their questions by text
    • The moderator can easily prepare the Q&A sessions with interesting questions, without wasting any time. This leads to a great optimization of Q&A sessions
  • Attendees can use their smartphones as a wireless microphone to ask their questions
    • A classic microphone doesn’t need to go all across the room, wasting precious time
    • Therefore, this leads to much more questions, or much more elaborate answers
    • Other attendees can identify who his asking an interesting question, leading to new networking opportunities
  • All questions, comments and interactive polls can be display on a public screen, in order to increase communication and dynamism of the debate.
  • Attendees can connect with each others and keep all profiles’ information, without having to use old paper business card anymore.
  • Remote attendees who are watching the conference in livestreaming can interact, as everyone else, to the debate, and have the same networking opportunities.
  • Organiser has a real-time updated attendees’ list with professional affiliation, with useful information as attendees’ activities in the event (opinion leaders,...).
  • Organiser can send surveys in real time to gather attendees opinions and ideas.

After the event

  • All unanswered questions of the conference can be answered later by speakers and sent to attendees after the event.
  • Attendees keep all information about the event
  • Attendees can easily follow up with leads and new relations through the app
  • Organiser should use all useful statistics provided by the solution (# of relations between attendees, rate of participation of debates, etc) as marketing materials or as improvements guidelines for next events.

Where do I start?

If it's your first time using an event application, we recommand you to get in touch with us, so we can provide you a quick demo tour.

However, if you feel confortable with the solution, you can start testing it on your own. This quick guide will help you to understand the basics.

To undertsand how you could benefit from Keybate at your event, have a look at Event Scenarios to find the one that fit your event. This will help you to figure out which Organiser Panels you will need to use, and therefore meet the Technical Requirements.

Now, you're ready to create your first event on Keybate.

Useful Tip:

You may start by creating an account (for free) on https://host.keybate.com to better understand how it works and make some test with some friends and colleagues.

Start creating your event here, and fullfil every useful information you want to share with your attendees.

Remember that Keybate is a powerful tool that can positively disrupt your attendees' experience. Therefore, you may want to adjust and improve of your debates' flow and prepare the moderator and speakers consequently.

When you are all set-up, it's time to invite your attendees to connect to the app a few days before the event.

For further instructions on how to use the Moderator Panel, the Speaker Panel and the Display Board, please refer to our Tutorials.

Congratulations, and enjoy your event !

How does it work?

Keybate is composed of two distincts applications.
On one hand, Organiser Panels will help you to manage your event and the debates. On the other hand, a friendly Mobile Application for your attendees to interact and network.

These applications can be used in different Event Scenarios, leading to some specifics Technical Requirements.

Organiser Panels

Organiser panels are simple web interfaces, preferably running on Google Chrome.

Keybate - Organiser Panels

Host Panel
The Host Panel is the general interface to create an event and to manage all your events on Keybate. This interface is used to prepare your event and to have an overview of everything.

  • Create a new event
  • Manage & edit your current events
  • Attendees list & activities overview
  • Link to your Room Panels (Moderator, Speaker & Display Board)
In case of a multi-rooms event, each Room has its own Moderator Panel, Speaker Panel & Display board to manage Q&A and polls of the room.

Moderator Panel
The Moderator Panel is the major interface to manage all room interactions, like questions and polls. This interface is generally used on a laptop.

  • Centralize and filter incoming questions
  • Create and manage interactive polls
  • Attendees list specific to the Room
  • Display Board settings and preview
  • Settings of the Room

Speaker Panel
The Speaker Panel is a light and simple interface to manage questions and polls directly from a remote device like a tablet.

  • Simple interface of questions
  • Quick access to polls (send only)
Note: Moderator Panel and the Speaker Panel are sync in real-time, and can be used at the same time. One can be used by a moderator, and the other by the animator on stage, for example. See our Event Scenarios to learn more about that.

Display Board
The Display Board is designed to be displayed on the room's big screen. It shows every interactions you want to share with your crowd, like specific questions and polls results.
This interface is set-up once on a computer before the debate, and then is managed remotely from Moderator and Speaker Panels.

  • Display questions (with or without attendees info)
  • Display polls (with or without real-time results)
Note: Depending on your event scenario, the Display Board may not be needed.

Mobile Application for Attendees

On the attendee side, there is a friendly Android & iOS native application to interact and network. Once an attendee has downloaded the app and signed-in, he can join an event with a specific password.

Keybate - Mobile Application

Event Information
Those useful information are available for the attendees, and can be updated in real-time by the organiser.

  • Event picture, description and agenda
  • Moderator and Speakers' biographies
  • Sponsors list
  • Practical information about the event (transport, hostels, ticketing, organiser contact, ...)
  • PDF Documents, as speakers' presentations (soon available)

Real-time Interactions
Let your attendees interact with the moderator and speakers in order to improve your crowd engagement.

  • Text questions and comments, with likes voting
  • Smartphones becomes microphones to ask questions outloud
  • Polling with multiple choices or true/false
  • Live surveys (soon available)

Enhanced Networking
Your attendees can ease their networking experience through simple, yet useful, socialization tools.

  • Attendees list with pictures and professional affiliations
  • Attendees profile with personalized information (summary, social networks, ...)
  • 1-to-1 private messaging (schedule meetings, share email or phone number, ...)
  • Save attendees profile in Personal Network (to get in touch after the event)

Event Scenarios

Light Scenario

A simple scenario that can be used in every conference room, with very limited technical requierements.

Keybate - Simple Scenario
Advanced Scenario

This advanced scenario should be used on bigger conference with a moderator on stage and an audio/video control desk.

Keybate - Advanced Scenario
Interfaces Light Scenario Advanced Scenario
Mobile Application #1
Used on attendees' smartphones to interact as usual Used on attendees' smartphones to interact as usual
Speaker Panel #2
Used by the speaker, in order to receive questions in real-time (without pre-moderation) and to send interactive polls. Used by a moderator/animator to relay questions to one or more speakers on stage during Q&A sessions.
Moderator Panel #3
Used by the speaker, in order to receive questions in real-time and to send interactive polls (The Speaker Panel is more recommanded in this situation). Used by a Communication Manager to moderate incoming questions and to pin relevant questions in order to help the moderator/animator on stage.
Moderator Panel #4
(Audio & Video)
- A specific computer dedicated for the Display Board and for incoming Microphone Request. This computer is plugged to the Audio/Video system.
Audio Control Desk #5
- Broadcast audio output of the Computer #4 (HDMI/Audio Jack) in the Audio System of the room.
Video Display Board
Eventually displayed from the main computer, alongside with speakers' presentations (switching between screens is needed to show Display Board). Displayed on a second big screen from a specific computer (Moderator Panel #4) or directly intregrated into presentations with advanced video settings.
Those scenarios are duplicated in each room if you have a multi-rooms event.
If your event doesn't fit into those scenarios, please tell us more about your needs.

Technical Requirements

Attendees' Side

In order to use Keybate, your attendees will need to :

  • Download Keybate on their smartphones through the App Store or Play Store. (Application size: 15Mo, but may require 50Mo of free space)
  • Have a decent Internet Connection provided by the venue's Wifi, or mobile Data (3G/4G). (App bandiwth consumption: around 25Mo/hour, way less than Facebook, for example)
Organiser's Side

In order to have the best experience with the system, you will need to :

  • Provide an internet connection to your attendees through Wifi if the mobile data reception quality is bad.
  • Have a dedicated internet connection for your Organiser Devices. An Ethernet connection or a mobile data Hotspot will works pretty good. Avoid being on the same over-crowded Wifi of the venue.
  • Bring a dedicated computer and/or tablet to use the Moderator Panels, as expected on your Event Scenario


Disrupt Experiences

Keybate is a powerful tool that can completely transform your attendees experience. Nevertheless, if you just set-up Keybate at your event and keep old habits during your talks and Q&A, it probably won't be as successuful as it could be.

Contiuous interactions
A typical conference will result in a few continous talks, and end-up with a long, often inefficient, Q&A session.

Bad user experience with Q&A
There are some issues with this configuration :
  • Attendees will forget questions they had on the first talks, so most of questions will be related to the last talk.
  • Attendees trying to remember their early questions won't be focused during following talks.
  • That's not a very interactive configuration, some of your attendees will get bored or tired at some point.
  • It will always be the same attendees to ask questions, and monopolize the microphone for a long time.

We encourage you to try new ways of interacting between your speakers and your attendees. Here is an example :

Bad user experience with Q&A

Thanks to Keybate mobile app, you will get attendees' question in realtime, on the current topic.
Therefore, here are some benefits :

  • When an attendee has a question, he just send it through the app, and then gets focused on the talks.
  • Between each talks, you can relay one, two or three very specific and to-the-point questions to the speaker in order to conclude his talk and give some more explanations on some topics right away.
  • You can set-up a few polls during the talks in order to have an inital attendees opinion on some topics, for example.
  • All those continuous interactions will keep your attendees focused and engaged during all the debates.
  • Furthermore, everyone will feels that they can be heard and won't hesite to send lot of interesting questions they wouldn't have asked otherwise.

Communication to your Attendees

Communication to your attendees is a very important part to engage them in the application and make the event trully interactive.

Before the event

One day or two before the D-Day, you should send an e-mail to all your attendees to remind them of the event, and communicate that Keybate app will be used in order to improve their experience.

Here is an example :


We invited you to use the application Keybate to stimulate the debate and optimize networking between you and other event participants.
With the app, you will have the opportunity to have access to all useful information about the event and the speakers, to send your questions and comments to the animator, to identify each participant, and to add any participant’s professional profile to your contacts list.

Please install the application before the start of the event. It will only take a few minutes. Quick video tutorial here.

1) Download the application
For iPhone users: download the app Keybate on the App Store.
For Android users: download the app Keybate on the Play Store.

2) Sign up with your account
Please connect to the application through your LinkedIN account. An alternative option is to connect via Facebook. Or Sign Up with your e-mail to create a new account.

3) Join the Event
Enter the event code: “XXXX” and then Click on "Join Event”
During the event

Even if the number of attendees in the app just before the even is low, most of them will get on board at the beginning of the event. Therefore, it's important to remind them why and how they should join everyone on Keybate.

Show the "Get on board" Keybate video

One simple solution is to display this video : http://www.keybate.com/display/index.php?code=XXXX (where XXXX is your Code Event) when your attendees arrives at the event or in the conference room.

Introduce Keybate at the beginning of the talks

Additionnaly, it may be useful to take one minute to remind the use of Keybate in front of your crowd. You may add the three steps to get on board (download, sign up & join event) in your slides presentation.

Remind them all along the debate

Don't hesitate to remind your attendees that you already received some questions through Keybate, and invite them to send new ones all along.


Organiser Panels

Quick video tutorial to get started with Keybate as an organiser.
Youtube Link : https://youtu.be/UR5waFozNlg (FRENCH)

Attendees Mobile Application

Quick video tutorial to get started with Keybate as an attendee.
Youtube Link : https://www.youtube.com/embed/jSXfMj2xy2w

Get ready to impress your audience.

Do you want to know how truly interactive your event could be?

Ask for a demo