Keybate Application Overview

Keybate is the only event app you need

Keybate is a complete, intuitive, and affordable event application for all organisers who want to simplify interactions at their events.

Attendee mobile app

Keybate gives attendees everything they need at the event, such as having access to all event information, simplifying their networking, and allowing them to share their opinions.

Organiser tools

Keybate offers all features that organisers need to manage their events, from inviting attendees to debates and Q&A sessions.

Empower your attendees with a powerful mobile application

All event information in your pocket

Provide useful information to your attendees like the event description, speakers' biographies, daily agenda, documents and presentations to download, logistics, etc.

You can update your event information in real-time and notify all your attendees at the same time. Don't worry anymore about printing your program.

Keybate Mobile Application Information

Keybate Mobile Application Networking

Networking is the key

Every attendee can easily identify like-minded people around them, initiate contact through private messaging, and keep in touch even after the event.

A perfect ice breaking tool to get in touch with dozens of attendees during the event.

Everyone has something to say

Your attendees can ask their questions and comment via text, give their opinion through interactive polls, and, if they want to be heard, they can just use their smartphone's microphone!

Let everyone be involved in debates, even the shyest ones.
Want to know what they thought about the event? Send them surveys in realtime.

Keybate Mobile Application Interactions

A complete tool for event organisers

Manage Attendees

Send invitations and reminders*. Know who your attendees are and who's active during your events.

Enhance Your Debate

Stimulate questions and comments to increase the liveliness of the debate. Easily display all engaging interactions.

Monitor Activities

Get real-time information about your event. Live data reports improve the ROI of future events.

Organiser Tools

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A complete Event Management & Registration System

From Event Creation to Check-In

idloom-events provides all the features necessary for the seamless organization of an event: creation of a dedicated event website, guest registration management, payment processing, automatic invoicing, badge creation, monitoring, check-in, etc.

An "all in one" solution for businesses of all sizes, idloom-event was built with the largest client in mind to ensure that we have all the complex features you will ever need. No matter what type of Event you are planning, idloom-events will be able to handle it all. Our software lets you focus on the only goal that really matters; making your event a success!

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Keybate Mobile Application Information

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